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Separate 'Job Seekers' & 'Employers'

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19 September 2015, 8:16



I'd like to create 2 categories of users when they sign up on my Mahara site, 'Job Seekers' & 'Employers'.


I'd like to have the 'Job Seekers' be able to setup their Resume's, ePortfolios, & Journal presentation material such that the 'Employer' section users are able to search them.


Then I'd like to have the 'Employers' login to another view which provides access to search the 'Job Seeker' presentation materials.


Is there a way to have separate signups for each of these categories?


And how would I segregate the access to the site, be it managing presentation materials, or searching job candidates?


Please advise.





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23 September 2015, 11:45

Hi Chris,

There is no built-in support for this exact use-case in Mahara, but you could get much of the way there using Mahara's in-built access control systems.

Something like this:

1. Create two Institutions, one for Employers, and one for Job Seekers

2. Make all Employers be members of a particular closed Group

3. Have Job Seekers share portfolio pages with that Group

Take a look at the Groups & Institutions sections of the Mahara manual for more info:



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