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Shared pages don't show up in group

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18 September 2015, 22:48


In Mahara 15.04.0 the pages that are shared with a group don't show up in the list, as shown in picture, despite users sharing their pages. Am I missing a configuration somewhere? I've looked through the settings but nothing jumped out.

Many thanks in advance,




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23 September 2015, 11:32

Hi Oliver,

In 15.04 we added a feature that allows the "Group Pages" block on the group homepage to only display pages shared by members of the group. We turned this on by default for all blocks that were previously displaying group pages, because we thought it was the more helpful setting. But it looks like that is causing more problems than it solved, so we're probably going to roll back that change in the default behavior, in the next release.
See this forum thread for more info:,Aaron

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