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08 September 2015, 14:03

Students at our University get confused with sharing options - especially if other students  inadvertently "share" their pages with either public, share with my institutions or all registered users (and these show in the latest pages module). These sharing options, unfortunately we can't stop the student doing  (only advise them what the options mean).


Does anyone think there may be a need for re-design of the EDIT ACCESS area for users? 
The following are a couple of suggestion that we think might work.

1.  In the EDIT ACCESS area, move the Share with users, (share with other users and groups) to the top of the EDIT ACCESS page.  This way users don't see the PUBLIC, MY INSTITUTIONS, or ALL REGISTERED users first, and are less likely to click these buttons.

2.  When the padlock under edit access is clicked, maybe the Share with users (or friends, groups, users) option appears as a drop-down in the Access List area. This will make it a lot tidier and easier for students to use.


Your thoughts and suggestions?




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08 September 2015, 16:30

Hello Lisa,

Here is what 15.10 is going to look like. Maybe we can use that as basis for the discussion as that is what will come in a few months and changes would need to be emerge from that state. :-)

If you want to give it a go (there may still be a few bugs as we haven't finalized the release candidate yet), you can create an account on and play there.




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