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Mahara security release: 15.04.3, 1.10.6, 1.9.8

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19 August 2015, 20:28

Hello Mahara users,

Today we released new minor version updates for the Mahara 15.04, Mahara 1.10, and Mahara 1.9 series.

These releases include 1 high-importance security fix relating to cross-site request forgery, as well as several bug fixes. We advise that every Mahara instance is updated as soon as possible.

Release packages, as well as a full list of changes, are available on our Launchpad project site:


This update includes a change to the statistics that are reported back to the Mahara project. We now collect more information about the server environment (for more information, please see the bug entry) so we can judge better what versions need to be supported. If you had registered your site with the Mahara project before, you are asked to do so again on the Register page in the Administration. We want to give you the opportunity to review your data.

If you have not registered your site with the Mahara project, please consider doing so. Your registration information will help us to get a better picture of the use of Mahara around the world.

Special thanks, as always, to everyone who helped by reporting bugs, submitting patches, and testing the changes!

The Mahara release managers at Catalyst

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