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Good sources of Mahara 15.04 themes

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05 August 2015, 7:55

Has anyone come across good sources of themes, and any particular gotchas to consider when researching/selecting themes?

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05 August 2015, 9:47

Hello Mark,

You can find contributed themes at and sometimes the maintainers also have newer versions available. You can take an older theme (1.8+) and install it and then fix up any CSS issues etc. That is still mostly possible for up to 15.04. From Mahara 15.10 on (October 2015), themes will be very different and are not backwards compatible as they'll be based on Bootstrap.

If you are thinking of creating your own theme, check when your site is due for upgrading as you would need to re-do any theme you create for 15.04 for 15.10 or later once you move.




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05 August 2015, 11:27

Thanks Kristina.

We are just embarking on a pilot with a group of students on Mahara and a group using google apps (sites). I expect if we use Mahara more widely that call will be late this year. Just in time for 15.10 :) So good to know about the theming change!


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