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Mahara/Moodle integration /
Users roll-over for new academic year

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16 July 2015, 0:16

Our Moodle site has  Mahara accessed through the network servers and SSO. What happens to new students to the school in September, will they automatically be added to the Mahara User database when the changes are made in LD for Moodle?



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18 July 2015, 4:48

Hello Helen,

It all depends on how your authentication is set up. If you have MNet running and ticked the option "Auto-create new users" in Mahara for that authentication method, then you are all set and your new students just need to click the MNet link to get into Mahara provided they have the capability to roam to an MNet site like the previous students.

If you have LDAP / Active Directory set up and also auto-create users, you are good to go as well. If you added your previous students via a CSV file, you may need to do that again this year as you may not have automatic account creation set up.




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