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15 July 2015, 7:17

There are many instances when I want to move I a text block from one page to another (within a collection of pages). I am not sure if there is already a way to do this.

Maybe this is way too complex. Could the editing tool menu be upgraded to include the pages? Allowing you to drag and drop text blocks onto new pages.

Thanks, Simha

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18 July 2015, 23:16

hi Simha

this is easy to do, here's a video tutorial I made for our students when they created content in a profile page! 



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19 July 2015, 0:47

Hi Teresa,

Thanks for the reply and the video resources! I am guessing this may be an issue of how administers are setting up the site (Gaia University).

On my old text blocks if I edit them, they look similar as in the video. Below the text box it says "Use content from another note" not "from another text block" and it appears that all the notes are posts from groups not my pages (this block is on a personal pages). There is also the option to attach a file in these old blocks (1 year old).

Now if I go to put in a new text block there is nothing below the text block. I neither have the option to take text from another page nor attach documents. Is this because of the admin or could this be a bug?

Thanks again, Simha 

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19 July 2015, 2:12

Hi Simha:

In more recent versions of Mahara, re-usable Notes are now different from "use once only" Text blocks

Here are the relevant pages in the Mahara manual:

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20 July 2015, 7:39

Hello Simha,

As mentioned by Don, I suspect that you are now putting the "Text" block on the page instead of choosing the "Note" block.

Text block: Very simple, basic editing; block is not re-usable between pages.

Note block: More complex editing and re-usable content.




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