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03 July 2015, 2:57 AM

When I create a group (as Administrator) it doesn't ask me what Institution it is for. Am I, in that case, correct in assuming that Groups are not linked to Institutions. 

To get to the point - if I move a user from one Institution to another or even to 'No institution' would this break their existing Group memberships? I'm hoping not. 

I'm trying to remove some 'legacy' institutions by moving their users to different ones and I'm concerned about what might break. 

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03 July 2015, 7:12 AM

Hello Howard,

You are correct in assuming that groups are not linked to institutions. Thus, if you remove an institution, it does not have any affect on a person's group membership.

If you set up your grous via a CSV file, you would need to associate them with an institution. As far as I can tell, that only has the purpose that the institution administrator cannot add users from outside of their institution via a CSV file. If they go back to adding users manually, then they can again look for anyone.

You can remove institutions safely and still retain group membership.




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