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13 June 2015, 9:59 PM


i am teacher in a french university. My university has no mahara server yet.

Anyway i would like to use mahara with my students for experimental.

Can i say to my students to connect on and get a login via Persona indentification? Will there projects be on this server during time needed?


Is it possible to use Booklet artefact (on ghuitub)?


Thanks for answer.


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15 June 2015, 7:32 AM

Hello Dominique,

Thank you for your interest in Mahara as ePortfolio system. is the site for discussing Mahara. We do not have the capacity to support organisations wanting to use it with groups of learners. That also means that we can't install third-party plugins. If you wish to trial Mahara with a small group of students without installing Mahara on your university server yet, you may be able to do that on one of the sites that offer (free) Mahara portfolio hosting for individuals:




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16 June 2015, 7:58 AM

Greetings Dominique,

I have been testing the Booklet plugin on my development instance for a while and feel that it is not quite ready for production use yet. For me, a big issue is the translation from French to English is not complete, probably not a problem for you. The interface is still a bit rough looking and does not really look like it is part of Mahara yet. I will be happy to give you access to my development Mahara so you can review it for yourself. The site is not for student access but happy to give you access.


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