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Edit Access - different collections/ pages

09 June 2015, 2:27


we noticed that it would be much more comfortable if you would see the full title of your single collection/page if you edit the access of collections/pages, especially if you have different collections/pages...



Our question is:  Do you have any ideas where to look for modifying this? Maybe it is possible to modify  the length of the displayed title in the front-end? Or maybe you know in which php-file we have to look?


Kind regards,




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24 June 2015, 12:04

Hi Katharina,

This one's buried pretty deep in the code. Those checkboxes are generated by a Pieforms element called "checkboxes". This element type shortens the label for every checkbox to 17 characters by default. You can override this by adding a "labelwidth" setting to the element, which can be set to 0 to indicate there should be no limit.

The place where these checkboxes get set up, is in the form declaration in htdocs/view/access.php. Here's what you need to change, specifically:

--- a/htdocs/view/access.php
+++ b/htdocs/view/access.php
@@ -95,6 +95,7 @@ if (!empty($collections)) {
         'type'         => 'checkboxes',
         'title'        => get_string('Collections', 'collection'),
         'elements'     => $collections,
+        'labelwidth'   => 0,
@@ -110,6 +111,7 @@ if (!empty($views)) {
         'type'         => 'checkboxes',
         'title'        => get_string('views'),
         'elements'     => $views,
+        'labelwidth'   => 0,



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