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Any plugin/system to enable paid access only to some parts of Mahara?

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29 May 2015, 2:40 PM

I want to keep some parts of my Mahara site accessible only to those who pay for it. Is there a plugin for it? In my Moodle site, I use a plugin to ensure paid access only to courses through a customized plugin. I use a payment Gateway. One option is to link Mahara to some paid in Moodle. Some suggested using MNet as an option but I have not understood how.

Could someone guide me to an easy way to do this i.e. ensure that only those who pay should get access to some parts of my Mahara site ( I am planning to rent out space on my Mahara).



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15 June 2015, 8:20 AM

Hello Alok,

We do not yet the possibility to hook up to a payment gateway. That functionality would need to be developed. If you want to use Moodle, you'd have the payment gateway functionality built in and could then set up MNet to connect to your Mahara site and only give those users who paid access to the Mahara site (it's a capability in Moodle).

See for more information.




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