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Mahoodle Question - Feedback and Export To

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19 May 2015, 4:45 PM

I have recently installed a new version of Moodle and have added Mahara. I see the Mahara Portfolio but am not sure how to give feedback or unlock the the page. I also see an export to portfolio text that leads to:


Failed to start communication with remote server: remote server error: code: , message: Cannot find unzip executableERROR 4:
4: remote server error: code: , message: Cannot find unzip executable

More information about this error


This is on a JPG file.


Please help if possible. Thanks,


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26 May 2015, 7:36 AM

Hello Joseph,

You can give feedback either directly in the Moodle gradebook as you would normally do for an assignment or on the Mahara portfolio page (usually at the bottom). In order to do either, you'd need to activate them in your Moodle assignment setting. A page gets unlocked automatically when the grading is finished to my knowledge.

The unzip error suggests that you don't have the unzip program installed. Can you please check that. On the Mahara side, an easy way to check is whether you can export and import a Leap2A file, i.e. a Mahara portfolio (under Portfolio -> Export / Import).

Please see for more information.




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