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30 April 2015, 23:11

Hi All, 

I am looking into Mahara 15.04 and the admin options (I have never had full access before, so finding out what's possible!). 

I am intrigued by the options for 'logging' user data and then the 'staff report access'

Has anyone used these or got more detailed information about what exactly gets tracked and then becomes easily accessible by the staff members via this report?



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03 May 2015, 21:19

Hello Lyndsey,

Welcome to the admin world of Mahara. :-)

You can find more information about the staff reports and what people would see at Basically, a staff member would be able to see which pages / collections a user has in their portfolio and with whom these have been shared. This staff view was implemented primarily for primary school users where a teacher wanted to make sure that students didn't share their portfolio with people they shouldn't have without having to log into the student accounts all the time. You will not be able to click on the pages though and get direct access. The students would still need to grant you access to view them. You can only see their titles and with whom they have been shared.

I use that feature frequently as first port of call when a user says they can't see somebody else's portfolio or think that the permissions are incorrect as it prevents me from having to log into the user account itself.

As for the logging: This is primarily available for the masquerading sessions. Please see for more information as well as click on the link through to the option on where to turn it on. The logging does not produce a report that you could view. Rather, it adds data to the database so that basic operations can be reviewed if necessary.

If you want to find out how many people log in to your site, what sort of artefacts they create and which blocks they use, you can take a look at the anonymous statistics.




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