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Supporting students with dyslexia

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28 April 2015, 8:55 PM


As part of a project I am involved in, I am looking into how to best support students with dyslexia when using Mahara. After some evaluations last year, it seems that students with dyslexia struggled with understanding and using Mahara more than others and had to work extra hard in order to complete assignments.

So my question is how can we best support them? Has anyone else made significant changes to their approach in order to support these students? Are there any materials out there to support dyslexic students with Mahara or any research that anyone could point in my direction?

Would appreciate any thoughts, advice, or information.

Many thanks,

Anna Greenhill
Newman University, Birmingham.

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29 April 2015, 3:53 PM

Hello Anna,

Thank you for your feedback. Do you have more specific examples of where your students find it particularly hard to work with Mahara so we understand better where the problem is? For example, is it the work flow, the many steps to take, the language used?

Any insight would help to include improvements in our usability improvements that we make from version to version.

Thank you



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