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Mahara roadmap

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03 April 2015, 21:59

Hello everyone,

Where can we find the Mahara roadmap (such as for Moodle) with plans for upcoming releases and major areas of improvement ?

By the way, i am a bit lost with the version ids, can you confirm that next version of Mahara will be Mahara 15.04 ? is this the name of next version or Mahara 1.11 ?

Thanks for your answer



03 April 2015, 22:40

Hello Emilie,

There is nothing as formal as what exists for Moodle regarding the roadmap. A lot of information can be found in the minutes of the regular developers meetings ( The tracker is also a good place to see which demand is accepted.

And yes the version scheme will change with 15.04 onward. Catalyst decided to number the version as Ubuntu is doing ( So the next one this year due in April is 15.04 and the next one will be 15.10, 16.04, 16.10 and so on.



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06 April 2015, 11:09

Hello Emilie,

You can find the announcement about the switch in version numbers at

As for a roadmap, as dajan said, we don't have  firm one, but rather some rough ideas about things that we want to improve. A number of them are listed in the Specifications in Development area on the wiki. Since the implementation of features depends largely on input from the user community either in the way of direct code contributions or sponsoring of features, we cannot guarantee that certain features are worked on during a specific release.

For Mahara 15.10 (October 2015) two broad areas are on our radar that we want to accomplish:

  • Switching to Bootstrap for the theming and thus also modernizing the look & feel of Mahara.
  • Continuing on implementing usability improvements, e.g. in regards to the management of pages and collections.




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07 April 2015, 20:39

Hello Dominique, Kristina

Thanks a lot for your feedback on this subject



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