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Mahara 15.04 ready for wide-spread testing

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20 March 2015, 17:50


We have just published the first release candidate for Mahara 15.04. This is one of the last steps towards the final release of this new version of Mahara due around mid-April.

This is a call for testing. If you want to make sure that Mahara 15.04 works well on your site, please help us out by testing this first release candidate:

New features for the release candidate are listed on Launchpad with the "nominatedfeature" tag.

We've also done lots of bug fixing is this release cycle. The full list of changes that have been made for 1.5.04 can be found here:

If any of the targeted bugs affect your users, this is an opportunity for you to make sure they are fixed properly.

If you find any new bugs, please report them on Launchpad so they can be fixed before the 15.04.0 release:

If important bugs are found within the next week we may produce a second release candidate. Otherwise this release candidate will become the final 15.04.0 release.


The 15.04 Release Managers

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23 March 2015, 15:09


If we got you excited about testing the upcoming Mahara 15.04, but you realize you don't have a test instance that you could use, don't despair. You can use for that. Give the 15.04 features a go there and let us know if you run into problems at

We are also updating the user manual at the moment and like usual, all new features that you can see on the front-end can be found under "New in Mahara 15.04"




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