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12 February 2015, 16:38

Hi All, 

Just about to implement our pilot program for ePortfolios next week!

Two units with potentially 100+ students. ePortfolio has been embedded within the course as well as considering the individual learning outcomes per unit. 

Wondering if anyone has found a good evaluation tool for ePortfolios - for staff and students to undertake.

I have read a few articles and found some themes to evaluate e.g. Support, embeddedness, teacher engagement, workload issues, student engagement but wondering if anyone has use a framework and evaluation tool which they could share.

ideally we want to keep the evaluation as simple as possible but obtain rich data for our project. 


Looking forward to any responses.


Many thanks in advance


12 February 2015, 22:09

The H808 course (The Elearning Professional) at The Open University validates the outcomes with an ePortfolio and several essays.

In my trainings about eP for teachers and tutors I am using this framework I am also evaluate with years ago.

You can have a look at the course content and evaluation criteria and resources in searching Google with : "H808 The Open University" as criteria (without quotes).



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13 February 2015, 11:08

Hm, I think I may have seen something about that in the JISC eportfolio implementation toolkit, at Mahara UK 2014:



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13 February 2015, 15:30


Thanks so much to you both for the great links :)



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