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Dashboard Block for my collections?

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13 December 2014, 5:13

I think I have read a request for that kind of block before, but can't find the thread anymore. 

I just wanted to make sure that there isn't a block yet, that shows my collections in my dashboard? I'm asking because I'm trying to build some institutional collections which I want to share with students, but it ends up being messy in my dashboard view because I can only see the list of single pages and not collections as a whole.

Is anybody working on that problem yet?


Thank you!

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14 December 2014, 16:22

Hello Saskia,

There is no such block yet, but William made a first start at creating one, see for the current code and things to do. If you are / have a developer at hand who could take over and finish the block or wanted to provide funding to complete it that would be great. I haven't heard back from William in some time on whether he's able to continue with the development on the block. It seems that he may be swamped with other work.




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