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Exporting Quizzes to Portfolio

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02 December 2014, 12:45

Hello, Has anyone has any success in exporting a Moodle quiz to a Mahara portfolio? I've done a pretty comprehensive search and cannot find much on the subject.  

I'm a PHP programmer so I could probably code up a plugin but if there's already something out there, I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.



03 December 2014, 5:00

Hello Jeff,

You certainly have a good reason wishing to import Moodle Quizes into Mahara. But I don't personally see the point.

In my knowledge there is no plugin that does this. But you can export artefacts and assessment results from Moodle into Mahara with the ePortfolio options in Moodle.

I don't see why a students would have to answer a quiz in Mahara. Mahara is a students' place to build proofs of their achievement and skills. For me a quiz has a place in a LMS such as Moodle and not in ePortfolio management system such as Mahara.

But tell me more about your point of view. I am intrigued.




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03 December 2014, 7:28

Hi Dajan,

Thanks for your prompt reply.  To clarify, I am not wanting for users to complete quizzes inside of Mahara. I do want users to be able to export completed quizzes from Moodle to their Mahara portfolios.

Thanks again for your help.


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03 December 2014, 5:13

Hi Jeff:

In theory, LTI 2.0 may be able to do what you want, though it usually would mean connecting to a live quiz inside a Moodle instance rather than exporting a completed quiz as an artefact. Which is it that you're after?


FWIW, LTI 2.0 functionality between Moodle and Mahara will enable a more robust assignment submission workflow...should be in place by May/June 2015, according to what I heard last.

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03 December 2014, 7:26

Hi Don,  

Thanks for the quick reply.  To clarify, I am wanting to export a completed quiz from Moodle to Mahara.  I do not need to allow people to complete quizzes inside of Mahara.

Thanks again!


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10 December 2014, 16:48

Hi Jeff,

I'm not aware of any current efforts to do that.

If you want to implement something along those lines, there are two plugins you should check out:

The first, is the "Mahara" portfolio-type plugin for Moodle. This actually ships with Moodle, and you'll see it if you look under your installed plugins of type "portfolio". The current implementation allows you to export forum posts from Moodle into Mahara blog posts... and possibly other types of Moodle content can also be exported? I've never really looked at the plugin too deeply.

I believe it exports the Moodle content to the Leap2a file format, and then imports it into Mahara that way. You do need to set up MNet between Moodle & Mahara in order to use it (see )

The second possibility, is the half-implemented Mahara "outcomes" artefact. Potentially you could export the quiz results into Mahara outcomes, if you felt like finishing up the artefact. Again, it would require setting up MNet between Moodle & Mahara.



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