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LTI configuration on mahara

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01 December 2014, 20:03

I am still looking for your help about Mahara and LTI. Here we are currently running Sakai 2.9.1, so in terms of the Mahara Integration via LTI to our LMS (Sakai) , I need to know what are the components that are not Mahara core related, but are plugin dependent and Sakai dependent that can be able to make this work. Note that we need a Single-Sign-On enabled as well such that when a student logged on to the LMS, be logged on to the Mahara ePortfolio too.


And please i also need to know the list companies that supports Mahara, 

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04 December 2014, 15:42

Hello Siboniso,

Please see the email that I had sent to you on the 1st of December. ;-)

Anything LTI related is currently a plugin for Mahara. Single sign-on will be separate from that.

Companies supporting Mahara are listed on the Mahara Partners page




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