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Date Malfunction issue with Mahara CPD

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18 November 2014, 11:00 PM

Hi Guys,

I don't know if anyone has noticed but within Mahara you can install a CPD plugin. For guys who has used this there seems to be problem with date malfunction. Once you create a CPD and add an activity, if you set a date past 5 days then its fine and if you set a date in future its fine BUT if you set a date beyond past 5 days it reverts 1 day back.

I know I may sound stupid but I tried this in Mahara 1.7.3 and Mahara 1.9.1 and there still exist this problem, I am not sure but this might be a bug.

Hope to hear back from someone :)

Kind Regards,


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19 November 2014, 7:25 AM

Hi Aarif,

It would be best if you filed a bug report with Geoff at as it's a plugin.




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10 June 2015, 12:40 AM

Hi Aarif

Apologies for the very belated reply but I have only just seen this. Hoping that, as you have not followed up, you have resolved the issue. However, just in case this still affects you or others.

Can't reproduce the issue on my Mahara installations. So, suspect you may have an inconsistency with your server timezone settings. May be worth checking you have date.timezone set correctly in php.ini

e.g. I (located in UK) have:

date.timezone = Europe/London

See also:

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10 June 2015, 2:43 AM

Thanks for replying Geoff, to be honest I left it as it was because I was under impression that it might have been plugin issue and it wasn't that important for us. However, I did check my php.ini file and I feel so stupid that I hadn't enabled my date.timezone. I have enabled it now and I just performed some test. It looks like it is behaving like it should however, its been long time since I did. I will give it a try for few days and see if its working or not.



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