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05 November 2014, 19:57

Excuse my English is not very good.

I have integrated Moodle and Mahara, moodle install some plugins that allow me to send files to mahara, what I want to do now is to send files from mahara moodle. In a oacasion can reliably do this but can not remember how ... please help me with this is for my thesis

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07 November 2014, 15:29

Hi Paco,

I'm not aware of any current plugins to send files from Mahara to Moodle.

As far as I know, there are just these three Moodle plugins for integration with Mahara:

1. "Auth"-type plugin (MNet), allows for single sign-on between Moodle & Mahara

2. "Portfolio"-type plugin, allows Moodle content to be exported to Mahara as blog entries.

3. "Assignment"-type plugin, allows Mahara pages to be submitted into Moodle as part of an assignment.

Perhaps #3 there is what you're thinking of? This setup is often called "Mahoodle". See



07 November 2014, 19:26

Hello Paco,

To answer your question about pushing data from Mahara to Moodle, I think this forum discussion would be interesting for you :

In short, it is not possible yet, and everyone is waiting that the other part of the equation makes a moveā€¦ But shortly and surely this will eventually become possible in the future.



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