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Private feedback in group-pages for individual artefacts

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24 September 2014, 21:31

Hi everyone,

I have a question according to private feedback on group-views:

I have created a collection in a controlled group where the members should work on those pages collaborativly. They will get a global feedback on those pages relating to teamwork and problemsolving-skills as a group. But I also want them to get individual feedback on their artefacts in those views which should be set to private, so that the artefact owner is the only person who can view the feedback.

Is that possible?



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02 November 2014, 18:34

Hello Saskia,

Artefacts created / uploaded to the group are considered to be owned by the group.

Your scenario though is possible with 2 caveats. If you want to give private feedback on an artefact, then that artefact needs to have been created in the student's portfolio area. For example, if a student adds a file to the group page, the only way you can give private feedback on that file, is if that file resides in the student's own file area and not the group's file area.

When choosing to display an image or make a file available in a block, the student can choose to use a file / files from their own personal files area. Since these artefacts are not group artefacts, you place feedback on them and not a group artefact.

It is a big trickier with notes as these would need to exist in a personal portfolio page first before they can be re-used in a group page.

You as instructor do not see if the student included a personal artefact or one that they uploaded / created in the group. Also, if another student edits the block, they do not see the original artefact as it is not theirs to edit and it will need to be added again if the other student clicked the "Save" button. If they realize their mistake and click the "Cancel" button, the artefact stays.





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