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14 August 2014, 1:13 AM

I was looking at changing the maximum number of available rows on a page and dug my way back to the maxlayoutrows constant.

If I change that (and the layoutpreviewimage.php file to show the additional rows), is there:

  1. Anything else that will be impacted other than just the maximum number of rows on a page?
  2. Anything I've missed off that would need to be changed as well?


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14 August 2014, 7:22 AM

Hi Wullie.

The constant was set to 6 rows as it was felt that would be plenty but if you are needing more rows then go ahead and change it to a higher number.

Theoretically changing the constant and the colours in layoutpreviewimage.php should be enough as the db table view_layout_rows_columns holds the info on which row has what column layout and looks to be flexible enough to handle rows with higher numbers as there is no restriction on the 'row' column to be an int >= 6.

But it would be worth testing with any higher numbers to make sure the thumb generator can handle the extra rows and that there is no slowness/memory issues on your machine.




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31 March 2015, 7:46 AM


I am running into this issue as well. I am making a template for a department and would like to have a scrolling page, that lists a single 100% header for each of the eight categories, with a a double row following each header. This would result in 16 rows. Can you tell me if this is possible.

It would be even more awesome if each of these headers were instead a sub-menu within the main tab. Is this feature on the horizon?

Thank you,

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31 March 2015, 1:53 PM

If you hacked Mahara as Robert described, there's probably no reason it couldn't handle 16 (or more) rows. I'd be willing to make this into a config setting, if anyone wants to supply a patch for it, or sponsor its development.

I think the biggest design obstacle would be what to do with the "layout preview" icon, which could get quite tall. I guess maybe you'd want to cap the preview's height and then start shrinking the individual rows in the preview so they fit.

As for making the page headers into navigation menu items... that would be trickier. In Mahara 15.04 we are adding the ability for plugins to add menu items, so you could write a module plugin to do this... although, that would require some trickery in order to make it integrated with the page contents in the way you describe. Or, you might be able to do it using the Skins "advanced CSS" tab and some CSS wizardry.



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