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04 August 2014, 10:29 PM

Hello everyone,

I'm currently developing over Mahara and diving in the code to implement some new functionalities. I love the platform and I'm amazed by how much it let you personalize your view and content, but... sometimes maybe a bit confusing for some new users, so we are working in an standard view to new users. I have a model user already created with the views I want every user to have. The idea is that every new user gets:

-His same dashboard layout.
-His same profile layout.
-His same views which are two: "Online CV" and "Blog", each one with the very same layout of the model user.

Optional desirables features:
-In any given time after its creation, changing the layout of the model user changes the layout of every user. Not real-time required, it would be something like when Facebook updates its user-layout and yours eventually get changed.

I don't intend for you to tell me how to implement this, but I would be really thankful if you could suggest or point me in the right direction, because I'm new with this platform and I'm still struggling understanding how every works and connects.

Thank for your time,

Daniel Parejo

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07 August 2014, 9:52 PM

Nevermind, I finally found there's already an option for this in section

9.2.7 of Mahara Manual

(sorry, I'm not allowed to post links)

Shamefully, it took me a while to find it and I was actually halfway through the implementation. It may still need some tweaking, because this option doesn't allow to copy the dashboard and profile views, but it will be a great start point.

I'll leave this reply just in case someone finds himself in the same situation as me.

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31 August 2014, 4:05 PM

Hi Daniel,

You can still do some development work. ;-)

In Mahara 1.10, you will actually be able to change the default dashboard, profile and group homepage from the site administration area. Note that this is the default page layout. Once the pages are set up, users can change them to their liking.

As for the other two pages, you may have already discovered that you can give all new users pages directly into their portfolio. However, that may not work so well for you yet because institution or site pages do not have the blocks you want to work with: Resume and journal because these artefacts don't exist on the institution and site levels.

And again, once the users have these pages, they can change them and you don't have control over their layouts.

That's where you can come in. ;-)




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