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10 July 2014, 4:02



We're in the process of upgrading to 1.9 from 1.7 and are trying to figure out which plugins we need to install. Can anyone identify the function of the plugins below?

  • browserid
  • saml
    • file/pdf
    • comment/comment
    • elasticsearch

Thank you.

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10 July 2014, 12:13

"browserid" and "saml" are both authentication plugins. They allow you to set up Persona (formerly called BrowserID) authentication, or SAML authentication on your site. If you don't plan to use either of those authentication methods, you can leave them uninstalled.

"elasticsearch" is a search plugin. It allows you to hook up your Mahara site to a copy of the Elasticsearch software so that your users can use that for searching. If you don't plan on setting up a copy of Elasticsearch, you can leave that uninstalled.

"file/pdf" is a new block that users can place on their page to display the contents of a PDF file inline in the page.

"comment/comment" is a new block that just displays the comments (aka "feedback") for the portfolio page it's on. In other words, it allows you to move the comments from the bottom of the page, to that block. Some people find this useful, for instance, if they want comments to be on the right-hand column of the page.



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