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Tracking secret URLs

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09 July 2014, 5:47 AM

Hi all -

We are new to Mahara, so I'm not entirely sure this is covered in another place - but a few google searches returned nothing. 

In allowing students the ability to share their ePortfolios with people, is there a way to track whether or not the 'secret URL' has been viewed or not? For example, a current student sends a potential employer a link to one of his portfolio pages. Is there some way for the student to know whether or not the link has been used by the potential employer?


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09 July 2014, 8:42 PM

Hi Drew,

That would be a great feature to have. You can see how many people viewed a page at the bottom of it, but that counts everyone visiting the page so not just the secret URL views.  You wouldn't be able to say for sure that it was the person who received the link who ended up viewing it. They could have given it to someone else, but you would know if anyone at all visited who received the secret URL.

I created a wishlist item at Please feel free to add more information here or there.




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11 December 2014, 11:19 PM


Bit late on the response here so you may already know about it, but a simple thing I use is google URL shortener which when signed in with a google account allows you to change a long link (secret url) to a shorter link but also gives you tracking on number of times the link was clicked. 

Few steps to go through but handy. 



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