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Creating Groups and Registering as a Member of an Institution

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07 July 2014, 3:59

Hi there. I'm a tutor at a UK college and have just discovered your service/site. We are delivering an ePortfolio unit this coming year so it could be priceless.

However, I don't seem to have the rights to be able to create a group and I cannot register as a member of my Institution.


We use Moodle at my place and will be upgrading to 2.7 over the summer, so hopefully your software will be fully integrated.

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09 July 2014, 20:47

Hello David,

Thank you for your interest in Mahara. Your institution would need to install Mahara or have it hosted elsewhere to use. is just the community site and doesn't host portfolios or links to specific institutions.

If you want to know more of what is possible with your institution, please feel free to contact a Mahara Partner who can assist you further in getting you up and running with the software.




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