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Tagging friends, people, users in forums (or other pages)

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26 June 2014, 0:34

I [think] we are using Mahara 1.9, which we got from I'm working on a Mahara related project at Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Does Mahara functionality exist for tagging or notifying users or friends when writing something in a forum topic (like this one)? Additionally, I'm interested in finding out if this functionality exists anywhere in Mahara -- even outside of forums.

What I'm looking for is a feature like what happens in FB, Twitter, or G+ when you put a character before a user's name and it notifies a user that she's been mentioned somewhere.

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26 June 2014, 21:12

Hello Pete,

Currently, you can only tag content such as files, plans, journals, journal entries as well as pages and collections. Being able to tag people and notify them would be nice. If you are a developer or have a developer on your team, you could implement it. :-)




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