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Placing Feedback on a File

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19 June 2014, 8:10


I am trying to place feedback on a particular file on an ePortfolio page, but when I click "details" the feeback option is not there. I checked the options on my page permission settings and "allow comments" is checked.Any suggestions on how to get this option back. I know I have seen it on our ePortfolio system previously.


Thank you!

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22 June 2014, 13:15

Hi Sam,

When you want to place feedback on a file and not on a page, you need to make sure that you can place feedback on the file. You can check this at Content -> Files and clicking on the "Edit" button next to the file.

Page feedback permissions only apply to the page but not the artefacts on the page. They have their own feedback permissions. Though the question is whether that should be the case or whether the page permissions should trickle through to the artefact permissions. What do you think?




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24 June 2014, 7:49

Thanks, Kristina: Followign your steps did the trick!

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