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Using CPanel with Mahara

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04 June 2014, 7:17 AM


I have about 10 days of Linux experience under my belt thus far and I keep seeing "Cpanel" show up as a way nice way to manage Eportfolio.

My question is.......Is there much value in purchasing Cpanel to manage my Mahara installation? 

My Linux slice will only ever be used for Mahara.

I'm running Debian 7.5 and Mahara 1.9

Any opinions or experiences are appreciated.



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04 June 2014, 5:47 PM

Hm, interesting question. I've familiar with CPanel as the web interface that many shared hosting providers give their users in lieu of command-line access. It allows you to do most of the tasks of administering a web server, via a web-based UI.

It certainly is easier to learn how to use than the Linux command-line! And I think it allows you to do pretty much everything you'd need for a standard Mahara installation -- file management, database management, email accounts, setting up cron jobs, etc. Perhaps the only thing you can't do via CPanel is install PHP modules, but if your server already has all the required modules then that would be fine.

(Additionally, many shared hosting providers, who are the main suppliers of CPanel, tend not to give clients the ability to create MySQL triggers. But that's a shared hosting limitation rather than a CPanel limitation, and it sounds like you've got a dedicated virtual private server not a shared host. So I'm really bringing this up as a warning to future readers who find this posting via a Google search. ;) )

I have no idea how complicated it is to install CPanel itself, though. Wikipedia makes it sound like it may be a rather intensive process.



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05 June 2014, 1:10 AM

Cheers.......Thanks for the feedback

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