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How to add blog post in group pages?

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17 April 2014, 19:15

Hi Dirk, hello Sigi,

my idea was to add a single blog post into a group  page. A complete RSS feed will contain all contents from a blog. If students have only one  blog they should be able to select by tags or a single post.

The  confusion you are describing in your post makes clear that this is not a process we can suggest to typical teachers and students. Sorry.


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18 April 2014, 6:42

Hi Ralf, 

there is no confusion about the RSS feed, it simply doesn't work with my feed Yell but if I take Dirk's link, it works fine. So this is all we have to figure out, I think it is a server issue if you look at the error text:

"The feed appears to be invalid. The error reported was: couldn't connect to host.


If you only want to use one single blog entry you may as well just copy and paste it into the group page, but my idea was to have 2-3 students insert their blog as an Rss feed so that they can continue writing their blog and the group page will always have the latest blog entries. I can see a use for this in a learning setting. And if it works we can c´very well suggest it to students (not so much to teachers ;-)  )

Hi Dirk, 

 thanks a lot, just tried to insert your RSS feed, and it works like a charm!. Here is mine, I compared the texts you get in html and I cannot find any difference in syntax or so... you may want to try with mine:


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18 April 2014, 7:06

Hi Sigi, works great...see below picture and link to public group page.




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20 April 2014, 4:09

Hi Dirk,

thanks for testing my link. this is pretty cool and exactly the way I wanted to have the feed... then it must be something in my Mahara install, that creates the problem ... arrggh.... problem on a higher level Yell 

Will let you know once I solved this problem....

Happy Easter!


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08 June 2014, 19:45

Hello Ralf, Sigi and Dirk,

The current RSS feed would not solve Ralf's problem because RSS feeds only exist on journals that are in public pages. Ralf wanted to avoid making journals public and hence doesn't go with WordPress et al.

It would be great if Mahara had RSS feeds for jounrals in non-public pages.

There is already a wishlist item for being able to create a journal within a group: but I didn't find one for selecting a journal entry from a personal blog. So I filed it at

Since it is different to the group journal, I have a few questions:

  • Who can add a journal entry: Just the user themselves, the group admin (if the admin, how does that affect privacy)?
  • Should journal entries also be added based on tags? If so, should all entries of all group members be displayed together or should you always have to choose the user?
  • How is the author information displayed?




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