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02 April 2014, 20:29


We are just upgrade Moodle and Mahara, and we are have problem with old user to login in mahara from moodle,  because we don't have problem with new created  user in moodle to login in mahara we want to delete all user in Mahara and next time when user  go from moodle to mahara to be recreadet user.

Because when we are delete user in Mahara user is just market like deleted, but still is in Mahara database, my question is how we can delete user(s) in Mahara from Database, not just market like delete we want to be delete all inofrmation for user . And after that to be posible to create user with same email.

Thank you very much, all information is welcome.

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08 June 2014, 20:41

Hello Jordan,

Do you know why your old users can't log in via Moodle anymore? Did you give them different usernames on your Moodle site? If that is the case, you may get some idea of what to do at because all you might have to do is change the remote username. Not knowing what is going on on your install or whether you got any error messages, it is difficult to suggest anything else.

Normally, Mahara deletes old users and thus also deletes their email addresses. They only appear as deleted users in the database (as far as I know) as they might have contributed to forum discussions etc.




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