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Pushing a Mahara Collection to new users in Moodle

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29 March 2014, 7:26

Hi all,

Our district has all students in grade 10 take an online course which includes using Mahara to showcase their unit work. Each year, we enrol a new batch of grade 9 students and this year we realized we could share a pre-made collection as a template. The problem right now is that even though our new students are registered in the Moodle course, they get an error message from Mahara saying that they can't access it (or the collection waiting for them.) What are we missing? We are using:

Moodle version is 2.4.1+ (Build: 20130222) 

Mahara version is 1.8.1
Thanks for any help you can give us!
Cecile McVittie
District Coordinator, Online Planning 10
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08 June 2014, 21:11

Hello Cecile,

Did you share your template collection with the new users and made it copyable to them? Adding them to a course in Moodle does not give them the permission to view and copy your template. You would need to go into Mahara and change the sharing permissions for the template.

Depending on where you set up the template, there may be different ways of doing that. If you provide more information whether you created your template on the site, the institution, group or individual level and with whom it is shared at the moment, we'd be able to help further. :-)




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