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Any other ways to integrate Mahara/Moodle

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07 March 2014, 1:35




I am on shared hosting when I try to add Moodle as an institution on Mahara I get the following message


An error occurred while retrieving the public key from the remote server.<br>Please ensure that the Application and WWW root fields are correct and that networking is enabled on the remote host.<br>Error retrieving public key, failed with error code 0: Curl error: 56: Failure when receiving data from the peer


I have spoken to my hosting company who said


"Unfortunately we are not able to lift this block on a per-site or per-script basis, so you will need to see if you are able to reconfigure the script (or contact the script authors for assistance doing this), or use an alternative script that doesn't require HTTP requests to its own server."


Can anyone help please? is there another way of integration Moodle/Mahara  that doesn't require HTTP requests to its own server.



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09 March 2014, 11:47

Hello Joy,

I'm not aware of another way of connecting Moodle with Mahara if you want to use the MNet functionality in order to log in to Mahara via Moodle and use the portfolio feature to send Moodle content to Mahara.

If you are not concerned about the latter, you could use LDAP or SSO so students can use the same username they have in Moodle also for Mahara.

There is a web services plugin available to achieve some authentication work, but it does not allow for moving content and may still need some work to get it working with Moodle. Besides, these protocols may not be allowed by your hosting provider either.




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11 March 2014, 4:04

Hi Kristina

Thank you for your reply. I will have a look at the MNet functionality, I think this will be my best option

Thank you




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