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01 March 2014, 4:56

Hi, I'm gettting external support for a Mahoodle implementation and the webmaster thinks that the French language pack doesn't work because of SSO.

That's wrong, right?

Users can switch among multiple languages on a Mahara that is only reachable via Moodle on XML-RPC?


01 March 2014, 7:58

Hi Don,

Typical angloxason reaction: if it doesn't work, blame the French!


No kidding. You can SSO from any language in Moodle to any other language in Mahara. We do that in my institution. Some language students jump from a Moodle in German to their ePortfolio in French.

So tell me more about the problem you are facing...

Cheers my friend, and see you soon at ePIC.


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01 March 2014, 8:31

I thought it was all those acçènts causing the trouble...8->

Seriously, he's added the French lanugage pack but I can't see how to switch language in my personal Settings once logged in to Mahara. This suggests to me that he's missed something in either installation or configuration.

I just wanted to make sure that SSO wasn't a factor, since he thought it was.

Indeed, I hope to see you at ePIC in London July 9-11!
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02 March 2014, 22:33

Hello Don,

Check first in Administration -> Configure site -> Site options that the language pack appears for the entire site. If it's not even there, then the lang pack wasn't installed properly and users won't be able to see it.




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03 March 2014, 2:35

Thanks Kristina

Just English as the default language. I'm assuming there would be a dropdown choice if the French language pack were installed...I'll get back to the webmaster.

03 March 2014, 4:07


When the lang file is downloaded (e.g. the whole folder  fr.utf8) it has to be unzipped into /path/to/mahara-folder/langpacks/

Check the folder's rights and ownership

Hope that helps

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