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24 February 2014, 14:55

Admin Home --> Site Statistics --> Users

The Logged in count for our site shows 0 every day.  The Created count is growing each day.

 Does anyone else have this problem or know what its looking at for the count?

I had a read here but it didn’t specify any extra rules about this data.

Mahara 1.8.0

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02 March 2014, 22:58

Hello Anita,

If your cron is running normally (check on the Admin homepage in the "Site information" box at the top), it should show you the logged-in count esp. if the created count is growing. There are no rules that you would need to set to have this information displayed. I checked a couple of 1.8 sites and do see the count for logged-in users.




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06 October 2018, 18:28

Hi Kristina, I know this is an old forum thread, but interestingly our site doesn't show page visit stats on any of the Group About pages. Shows on all other pages in the various groups.

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09 October 2018, 5:16

Hi David,

The group homepage doesn't show number of visits. That can only be seen on portfolio and user profile pages at the moment.




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