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08 February 2014, 3:08


We are looking to pilot the use of mahara in a particular curriculum area. 

I am trying to gear mahara to support their assessment processes. For this particular area they have to mark off whether that particular learner has achieved or met a particular assessment criterion within each learning outcome. 

I have tried creating a plan with my dummy learner so that all the assessment criteria are shown. However, I would like something similar that only the assessors can tick and the page owner cannot.

Is there a way that this can be done, perhaps through moodle assignments instead?

Many thanks



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09 February 2014, 16:32

Hello Ben,

You could use the feedback area on a Mahara page or artefact to include the comments by the assessor and students won't be able to change those. Alternatively, as you already hinted at, you can connect your Mahara to Moodle. You'd do that with the Mahara assignment submission plugin that allows you to submit a page to Mahara (we are working on finalizing the work to also submit collections and have resubmissions working for the plugin that Ruslan already upgraded for Moodle 2.3+) and then you can use the standard Moodle assignment features for assessing the work.




26 March 2014, 8:51

Hi Ben

This is a project I took part two years ago and it may interest you as a solution for your problem:

The project, developed, among others, by Jean Fruitet (also present on is a modification of the "list" Moodle plugin. Tutors can create their lists of objectives/outcomes/skills and valid them for each student after they have proven their achievement. The proof can be anything for a online typed text, a word or PDF document, and -thanks to Fruitet- a Mahara page.

Students can assess themselves and/or tutors can validate their achievement.

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