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Mahara - A Thanks! A Question!? An Exclamation Mark or Three!

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25 January 2014, 2:23 AM

No history, reason or such needed.... so I'll tell you anyway! I am now using your site software to host a journalistic style survival story site. I wanted to tell you thank you as it has been easy to set up and work on to get it to do what I want without having to damage any keyboards or spill my beer in confusion. Some settings had me wondering until it jumped up and bit me... making me feel like a dummy for not seeing it plain as day in front of me.

Not fully done with it yet, I'll let anyone interested in on the info or you can snoop the profile. My main question was when it offers to register the site with Mahara, does this go into an active list? If so, how do I see said list?


Jason Fowler

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26 January 2014, 5:48 PM

Hello Jason,

Thank you very much for using Mahara and liking it. Thanks also for your first post in the forums. :-) Currently, the registration statistics are only visible to a select few people of the core project, and we haven't publicized them yet like Moodle for example. That would need a bit work. Is there interest in that (beyond yours)?




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14 February 2014, 2:16 AM

I would be interested in seeing that too, to see who else is using it, numbers etc..

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