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21 January 2014, 0:47



i tried the search function her several times, but I got no result..:-(

Is it possible to delimit the user search only for the institution, which the user is member of?

In the institution settings, there you can define "Show online users" (set to "Institutions Only").

But when I start to search, I can choose between "Everyone" and  "My Institutions" and if I search for an user outside my institution, I get a result.

Thanks in advance,



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22 January 2014, 5:57

Hi Christian,

I see two places in the code, where this setting is evaluated, web.php and mahara.php, and both seem to handle the side-bar. I would say, the setting only affects the users, you see under "Online users" on the sidebar but it doesn't affect the user search in general, like when you use the searchbar in the upper right corner. 



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26 January 2014, 18:11

Hello Christian,

As you've already discovered, if your members are part of an institution, you automatically only get results from members of your own institution, but you can still search for all by selecting "Everyone".

The search takes the user's settings into account whether they allow you to search for their full name or only their display name. Also, if you set the internal search to "Exact user searches", you really need to type in their correct name or otherwise nothing will be returned. Display names can make it tricky as they may actually be the first and last name, but you would only find them if you use quotes around them.




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