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Tutor Rights but can't edit group pages

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15 January 2014, 1:13 AM


As everyone assigned as a group admin on Mahara (version 1.63) gets notifications when people request group membership we've tried switching staff to the tutor role in course groups, with the permission set 'everyone except ordinary members can edit'

The staff are seeing the edit buttons, but when they click on artefacts to edit they are unable to make changes - eg to amend an existing text box. The text box opens - but displays oddly and says 'the text you have selected is not editable'.  Before I file a bug tracker report I thought I'd ask if anyone else has seen this (and if there's a solution).

Link to screenshot

Thanks, Gordon.


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20 January 2014, 2:14 PM

Hello Gordon,

The issue is that the text box(es) were created when the group settings were so that only admins could create and edit pages. When you switched the editing to tutors as well, the text box permissions were not updated, but only the page permissions. Thus, only the admin can continue to edit and publish the text box, but the tutor cannot.

Any new text boxes created with the permissions for tutors to edit can be edited by tutors.

The same goes for files.

If you don't want to re-create the text boxes, you could change the permissions directly in the database as a quick workaround. You want the table "artefact_access_role". In there the tutor role will need to get "1" for all the group artefacts that they shall be able to edit and publish. You can get the artefact number from the table "artefact".

I filed a bug at




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