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New theme Spacelab

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09 January 2014, 20:02

Hello everyone,

here is a new theme called Spacelab and it was ported/inspired by the bootstrap theme with the same name at It is responsive, and in addition to the regular mahara menu, it supports a extra horizontal menu. This extra menu is uncommented by default and the logo is in its place. For a more compact layout, the search field, identity, settings, mailbox and logout were moved into the extra menu area. If you can do without a top left logo by perhaps moving it into the footer, you will then have a left aligned menu, in addition to the regular mahara navigation. You could have a narrow, two items menu with logo also. When not using a logo and menu, the search field, identity, settings, mailbox and logout move even further to the left for a very nice change. Just like the bootstrap themes, the horizontal menukind of floats and it is always available to the user. The theme uses extra bootstrap files and they are added in addition to the theme. It also uses parts of the mahara aqua and default themes and it contains original work also. We are hoping to port a few more of the bootswatch themes in the near future.

To install, add the folders from the zip file as such to your mahara installation:



To modify logo and top menu, edit htdocs/theme/spacelab/templates/header/topmenu.tpl

About the theme developer:
Houda Norel is a Computer Science masters student and she works as a freelance programmer also. She'd be happy to tweak your moodle or mahara themes and other work.

About the theme sponsor:
Dirk Meyer has a small business by the name of He is fortunate to have customers who enable his company to contribute to the open source community.


Download theme here:


Below are some screenshots:







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10 January 2014, 14:10

Hi Dirk,

One thing Robert noticed while looking at this theme, is that it loads up the JS library (in the file js/spacelab/bsa.js), even though it doesn't actually show any ads. I think you must have left that in there by accident?



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10 January 2014, 17:07

Sorry about this. I removed it. Thank you for checking it over.

New download

Added a big space background to spice it up. Background image was freely downloaded here:


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