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Feature discussion: Make it easier to copy a page into a group

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22 December 2013, 4:58 PM

This discussion is started on behalf of Christian Kleinhanss who wrote to me in German.

When a teacher creates a page in their personal portfolio and then decides to share it with a group and make it a group page, they need to

  • share the page with the group
  • make it copyable
  • go to the group and copy the page

It would be nice if the number of clicks could be reduced so that when you want to share a page with tasks with a group that you created in your own portfolio initially you would only click the predefined settings and the page would be created in the group.

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22 December 2013, 5:00 PM

Hello Christian,

Why is it not possible to leave the page in your portfolio and share it from there with the students? That would not mean too many clicks because you wouldn't have to put the page into the group first.

In general though, it would be nice to make copying a page / collection easier no matter where you are in Mahara. One idea is to put a "Copy this page / collection" button in the bottom of a page that can be copied. Then on the next screen you should be able to choose where you want to copy the page to. Depending on your role and group memberships that could be just into your own portfolio (default), one of your groups, as institution page / collection or site page / collection.




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26 December 2013, 2:06 PM

I think what the person is saying is that if the student is told to copy "ABC template" that they look in the class group, and they find it.  If sometimes the file is located in the group and sometimes the file is located in the personal folder it is confusuing.

I know for myself, I like to keep things in a person account until it is in a publishable format.   Then I would like to move it to a group.  That way I know if it is in a group, it is ready for publication.  If it is in my local area, I am still working on it.

Maybe the solution is "move portfolio" or "move collection" option.  I have a whole bunch of pages that I have created under a user account that I want to move to a group.  Not really sure what is the best way to accomplish this is.



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27 December 2013, 9:32 AM

Hello Melissa,

You can do the moving of a portfolio page / collection by copying it into a group. If we had a "Copy this page / collection" button that would be easier instead of first having to go into the group and then finding the page / collection.




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29 December 2013, 6:46 AM

Hi Kristina,

I like your suggested approach. I see it working like this: I browse or search the site and come accross some pages of interest. If I have copy priviledges, I click 'Copy this page/Collection' and choose where to copy it to. Seems pretty simple to me.


03 January 2014, 6:57 AM

Searching pages by title is effective thus I have not personally found copying a page I have created into a group to make it available to others a necessity.
The Copy page/collection button on copyable pages, then to copy it where I want as you suggest Kristina are both great ideas. As templates are often used to support getting started with ePortfolio with a particular purpose,  it would be great to see these features enabled indeed!

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