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Installation of Mahara using XAMPP on Windows7

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22 December 2013, 2:11 AM

       I have started installing Mahara on localhost, but it takes so long time: nearly two hours, and it is still at the beginning of the installation process. What's the problem with my configuration.

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23 December 2013, 12:10 PM

Hi there,

On my local machine, it takes 54 seconds to do an install in MySQL. So 2 hours definitely indicates a problem.

The installer page actually runs using a series of ajax calls. Probably, if you're seeing it spin for 2 hours without any update, what's going on is that the first ajax call suffered a fatal error and didn't send back any kind of response, so the installer page continued waiting for it. To start with, I'd recommend you just delete and re-create your database and try it again. If you still don't see any progress after 1 minute of running, check your PHP & Apache error logs for errors.

It's also worth noting that Windows is not a supported operating system for Mahara. So, you can probably get it to run, but some functionality may not work fully. The big one people seem to have trouble with is import and export, because that relies on the command line zip & unzip utilities.



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