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Mahara/Moodle integration /
Problem with users and institutions

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12 December 2013, 20:39

Hello all,

I am new user of Mahara....

I could integarate Moodle1.9 and Mahara with external tool basiclti.

I could login using my moodle account to mahara account.

1. When any other user log in from moodle to mahara it display username with aministrators name or sample(some number) next to the user name.



 First nameLast nameDisplay nameUsernameEmailInstitutionAuthenticationLast login
All None
  Anand Lele   sample_75 0
Internal 11 December 2013, 8:24 AM
  I0901 Agarwal Nikita   sample_91 0
Internal 11 December 2013, 8:56 AM
  Umesh Chavan Admin admin [email protected] No Institution Internal 12 December 2013, 7:04 AM
  umesh chavan   umesh [email protected] No Institution Internal  
  Umesh Chavan   sample_2 0
Internal 11 December 2013, 6:03 AM

2. Secondly it does not show display name...

3. Its not carrying email address from moodle...

4. The institution showing BNCA is created by me, but when I want to edit BNCA it says...

Mahara: Invalid Parameter

A required parameter is missing or malformed

The 'institution' parameter is not alphabetical only

5. When I receive email from Mahara about the membership for user who has logged in, the email does not show the correct email and name of the person. it was like


To Me
Today at 7:33 AM

Hi Umesh ,

A new user has requested to join the institution 'No Institution'.

Because you are listed as an administrator of this institution you need to approve or deny this registration request. To do this, select the following link: xyz

You will need to approve or deny this registration request within 2 Weeks.

Details of the registration request follows:

Name: shen qian

Email: [email protected]

Registration reason:

The BNCA Team

Please do not reply to this message.

where no such user or email we used.

6. The information filled by user in contact information and all does not get saved.


For now these are queries for me, how to resolve them....

please guide me....

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13 December 2013, 11:33

Hi Umesh,

I'm not familiar with any LTI integration of Mahara with Moodle. Are you using some kind of custom system for that?

The "missing parameter" message, "The 'institution' parameter is not alphabetical only", sounds like it's related to the fact that on the "institution" table in the database, the primary key is, which must be composed only of letters.



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02 January 2014, 22:37

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your reply.

There is one edu-apps site from where we get LTI plugin for mahara and moodle, this was configured.

But the results are like any user login from moodle username gets acess to mahara but that users name,email everything changes to something else in mahara.

There are Two institutes out of whcih we want to delete one institute , that is also not working.

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06 January 2014, 16:14

Hi Umesh,

Oh I see, you're using this plugin?

It sounds like the problems you're encountering are a bug in the plugin. For instance, it appears to be attempting to use an institution with a shortname that isn't alphanumeric; perhaps the plugin's code is inserting that shortname into the database with a direct SQL query, but then the core Mahara code is failing when it tries to use that shortname because it fails the validation check to ensure shortnames are alphanumeric.

I suggest asking the plugin authors for help. It looks like they have a bug tracker here:



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