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How to open Forum to Public

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14 November 2013, 9:28 PM


I am trying to open a group's forum to public. I guess it is not possible directly to share the forum, so:

- I have created a group view with the las entries of the forum for the view contents.

- I have shared with public, and I have created the secret URL. 

- I have edited the Institution Dashboard to write the secret URL link.


If the user is not logged, then it sees the view, but empty. (this is the problem that I am trying to fix)

If the user is logged into the institution, it can see the view with the forum topics.


None problem if I do the same process with a user's Diary (a blog). It can be seen from public users, not logged at all in any institution.


Any idea will be appreciated

PS: using Mahara 1.5

Thank you


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15 November 2013, 11:37 AM

Hello Uno,

If you want to make content from a group publicly available, the entire group needs to be a public group. See (#8 in the screenshot). That also means that people will be able to see other parts of the group as well.

Once the group is publicly available, your forums are RSS feed enabled and everyone should be able to see the messages. That's how we set up the Mahara support forums here so that you can view all content, but cannot write anything unless you are logged in.




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