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22 October 2013, 2:43


I just installed the plugins and had a look at them. I like the tree-view for the messages from the outbox and it's weird not to have that accessible from the inbox ;) The icon in the upper corner also is fancy though it requires a change in web.php, which complicates updates of your mahara-installation. Have you thought about adding a second tab to the inbox instead to access the outbox? It's a click more but I'd rather not install any plugin that needs changes in the code-base if I can avoid it. 

Makes sense that you send the admin-messages as mahara-messages and thus they don't appear in the outbox. And great that you let the admin choose a subject. I never understood why you can't put a subject on a user notification. 

Not sure about the group notification though. I agree that the workaround using a forum post is a bit complicated. But on the other hand each message gets in your outbox. What were the use cases you had in mind? 

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22 October 2013, 23:06

The reason we did the outbox with the icon was, that we wanted it to be accesible without going to the inbox first. I think both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. If we contribute the plugin to the core, we'll think again about what is the best approach. (When it's in the core the change of web.php won't cause problems)

Glad you like the plugins ;-)

We developed the plugins according to most wanted features (and also features that were attainable) of students and staff of our university. The group message plugin was a feature the staff wanted, so they can easily message all students of their course groups. In my opinion the forum is a legitimate way to do so, but they didn't want a discussion thread. They just wanted to write user messages to all students, which could be answered by the students individually.

I hope that makes it a bit clearer.

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23 February 2014, 8:33

Hello, late to this, but hopefully you're still working on these plugins.

I would love to look at the code for the groupmessage plugin, if it's available. i can install and test it out here.

Thank you,


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24 February 2014, 22:26

Hello Mark,

Thank you for the offer! I haven't seen Angela's code yet, but Tobias has some code in review at the moment. You might be interested in his development work as it deals with sending messages to multiple recipients. See

You can find some information on how to install a patch from our review system at - The instructions are for Ubuntu, but also work for Debian I would say. Recently, our summer intern at Catalyst also put together instructions for Windows that are linked off the page.

You are also welcome to test any other patches that are currently in the review system. We'd love to have more people testing them and giving feedback.




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31 March 2014, 11:36

Hello Angela,

I recently re-added your wonderfull calendar plugin to a 1.8. I am unable to add events to it and I get a general mahara error message. I could post the detailed apache error log also. I remember this workign in 1.7 but not sure.

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07 August 2015, 1:24

Hello @all,

Angela didn´t have time to update the plugin, but Tobias Zeuch released a new version, see that thread - unfortunately that branch was uploaded to the closed gitorious-project as well:


The groupmessages Plugin also isn´t working with 15.04. Is there anybody using it - or even did some fixing for 15.04?

Sadly i have no private mail-address of Angela to ask her directly if she is able to do some adaption.



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