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Abusive pages - who did it?

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08 October 2013, 10:46 PM

I've added this to the developer section as I am looking for help. We have had some abusive pages created by student(s) on a Shared GroupĀ 

Create Report has been ticked in the options and the membership is by invite only

Is there any way we can track who has created the pages?

We have single sign on with Moodle.

Thanks for any ideas in advance


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09 October 2013, 5:52 PM

Hi Gideon,

I'm afraid Mahara doesn't provide a very complete audit trail for group Pages, by default.

If by "Create Report" you mean you've got "Log events" set to "All" on the "Administration -> Configure Site -> Site Options -> Logging" page, then you should be able to see the "blockinstancecommit" events from when the user was building the page, in the event_log table in the database.

If not, the best you can get is the "view.ctime" column in the database, which will tell you exactly when the view was created. You could also look at the "usr.lastaccess" column, which will tell you the last time any user accessed Mahara, and that may eliminate users who haven't accessed the site since before that page was created.

With the view.ctime, you may be able to identify the user by looking at your Apache logs, depending on how detailed they are. In particular, looking for a call to the "land.php" script will show you when a user has come over from Moodle via MNet SSO, although I can't recall if it also shows you enough information to identify the user.

Moodle, in general, keeps a lot more thorough logging than Mahara. So, you could also look in the mdl_log table in your Moodle instance and see if it has recorded when the user roamed over from Moodle.



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