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always a new mahara account will be created by connecting via SSO

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29 January 2014, 14:26

Hi Lizzy,

You need shell access (CLI) to the Mahara and you will need to be the root user.

Go to the Mahara root directory, or htdocs, if you are using say Debian then /var/www  .

Locate the file register.php use the move command [mv register.php]  that simply moves it out of the way but preserves it.

That's it. If you want to be a littl more slick then create a new register.php file that redirects to user to to Moodle signup page, this link will give you some examples.

You may also like to make a link from the logout page in Mahars to Moodle with some instructions.


PS because you will be using Mnet server time sync is very important, I suggest to keep things on time by also install ntp, it is better than ntpdate which tends to brute force.

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29 January 2014, 15:16

Hello Lizzy,

I forgot to mention that if you only have logins via Moodle, you can add some help info for users who try to log in via the Mahara login form. See and it's #7 in the screenshot.




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