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sitewide password salt

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24 July 2013, 4:05 PM

Hello.  I just installed Mahara on my webserver and everything is going well except that no matter what I chance my sitewide password salt to I still get the error message.  I have tried all types of combinations, pressed save and still will not work.  Here is my current config.php section.  What am I missing?

Many thanks!



// Set this to enable a secondary hash that is only present in the config file
// $cfg->passwordsaltmain = 'Mary Had a Little Lamb';

// When changing the salt (or disabling it), you will need to set the current salt as an alternate salt
// There are up to 20 alternate salts
// $cfg->passwordsaltalt1 = 'Hot Cross Buns 1 a Penny';

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24 July 2013, 5:39 PM

Hi Chris,

New to programming, are you? Wink

You need to uncomment the line that reads $cfg->passwordsaltmain. The "//" means the line is a comment, and is not actually executed. See:



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